Welcome to Rapiid & the future of protective apparel. 

Weʼve all had at least one serious injury whilst playing football and other contact sports or know someone whose career was cut short prematurely because of injury.

Statistics show 72% of injuries occur through impact. The most common injuries happen during general play – 56% & the areas most likely to be wounded are the muscles, tendons and bone below the knee – 62%.

At Rapiid we believe that by wearing the kontour protector most impact injuries can be reduced and or avoided. Because up until now leg protection has been limited to just the shin area.

Our lightweight all weather synthetic fabric with integrated protective pieces is designed to shield the..

  • Shin
  • Calf
  • Achilles
  • Metatarsal Bone

    Unlike existing products on the market the Kontour       protects these vulnerable areas as an all in one. It’s         easy to use and comes with two shin pads, simply            slip on the compression sleeve underneath your              match sock and your ready to play.

    Other features include:

    •   Silicone gel grips for better balance & traction

    •   Expandable strap to hold shin guards in place

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