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kratos vs hulk

What a shame, right? When the lights return, Kratos’ corpse is no more where it was left. Boomstick: And Zeus was easily stronger than all of them, and he was still fucked off by Kratos! As The Hulk punches the armlet, a heavy metal noise spreads, followed by a golden light that pushes Bruce a few inches back. A Fight to the Death. The throw leaves a crater in the floor as Kratos hits it, getting dizzy at the instant. Superhero battle match: Kratos versus Thor (MCU) & Hulk (MCU). PUNY UGLY MAN WITH KNIVES! As an instinct, Bruce closes his eyes and puts his hands forward and in front of his face, to avoid any lethal injury. Feeling the pain, The Hulk screams and tries to punch Kratos, who rolls aside and avoids without problems, then swinging his other blade at Hulk’s fist. Which increases all of the Asgardian's strength and stamina ten times. Anyway, Hulk's body is also a living conduit for gamma radiation, working like a gamma battery by creating and radiating gamma energy, and he can use this radiation to empower himself. However, like everything Kratos loves, Deimos was killed too. Boomstick: One of his most notable intelligence feats was breaking out of Ageaeon the Heka... Hekaka... Boomstick: Yeah, that guy's prison, by using Megaera's anger towards him. Boomstick: That is until Athena decided to bestow the other form of the Blades of Chaos.... and the she bestowed another pair a few years after that. The Spartan falls to the floor, lying on his own blood and getting unconscious instantly, apparently dying. Seeing that, The Hulk instantly throws the boulder at nowhere and with a lot of force. He was silent for a few seconds, until an idea gets to his mind. Said man seemed sleeping, or maybe dead, and he was buried inside of a block of ice and protected by a cryokinetic capsule. Bruce and the Hulk were on good terms, he married a wife, who was soon expecting a kid, and led Sakaar... before the rocket that sent him there in the first place blew up, killing her and untold others... And its energy actually boosted the Hulk's strength even further. They tried to kill Kratos’ family, and in response the Ghost of Sparta killed all of them, alone, managing to defend his family, and although his wife and daughter weren’t real, he still achieved to see them again, to later escape from that alternate dimension with Athena’s help and test his might against Ares one more time, this time, killing the God of War. Kratos also went to a few other travels when his vengeance was already finished and in one of those he wanted to find his younger brother, Deimos. He can even go back in time and kill Bruce Banner before Bruce ever turned into the Hulk. Long ago, the gods ruled over the entire planet. He’s Nordic.”. Bruce turns at the monster again, slowly becoming green and less than a few seconds later, hulking out and throwing a powerful punch at the Leviathan, stopping its flying with great ease. Boomstick: Yeah, the rage is… Hope? Wiz: The Bow of Apollo allows Kratos to fire normal and flamed arrows as fast as a machine gun. After being dodged, The Hulk’s jump doesn’t stops and he continues moving upwards, disappearing through the clouds and from Kratos’ gaze. The Spartan says as blue flares appear in his eyes as a flash, holding the broadsword with his two hands and slowly lifting it, while the blade is quickly filled with an immense godly energy and a few lightnings coming from everywhere. So Hulk. I figure the same thing would happen here is he could do it. Wiz: And that means, that The Hulk needed more that being a monstruous entity. Hulk will be roaming around in a normal form that I call Base Hulk, he is on Par with Thor and the Thing in this state and is not enraged. Completely filled with anger, the Spartan went on a rampage, killing whatever that got in his way, and opening the Box of Pandora during his travel. Just then, Kratos jumps over Hulk, and aiming the end of the spear at the monster, he quickly falls, scratching The Hulk’s head and pushing Bruce back to continuously, and now with his foot on the ground, throw his shield at The Hulk’s face and drive his spear at the monster’s chest. Boomstick: The Nemean Cestus are a pair of giant gauntlets in the form of a lion, they’re short ranged weapons that greatly boosts his strength, and allows him to generate powerful shockwaves like the Barbarian Hammer, to break Onyx... or fuck up a poor bastard's face! And kratos beat him. They were ruthless rulers, and across the time, some humans tried to fight them, basically achieving nothing but to being called heroes, but everything changed one day, when a Spartan called for vengeance, his family was killed because he was tricked by one of the gods, and at the same time, his own brother. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. In fact, Hulk has many abilities at his disposal, that makes him what he actually is. You know what'd be awesome?! Wiz: Well, remember when Kratos opened Pandora's Box for the first time? The Oath Stone of Orkos can create a living clone of Kratos. also blades of chaos would cut hulk up and make him mince meat. Meanwhile, Kratos is still descending, calm and looking no sign of The Hulk. Tony smirks sarcastically after saying that, but again, Nick Fury doesn’t answers and keeps showing the same apathetic expression. Boomstick: And one time, when a planet's tectonic plates started splitting apart, threatening to shatter the whole world, he just jumped right in there and pulled the planet back together. Wiz: Determined to take his avenge over the gods, Kratos went through many places, annihilating whatever got in his way again, even killing the Sisters of Destiny and going back to the past via Time Traveling in order to get his army alive again, and later move on to the time when Zeus killed him, to fight the King of Olympus one more time. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. And guess what? Hulk has fought all kinds of mutants with abilities which are similar or worse than Krato's magic abiilites. The two have a titanic size, and are in the middle of a few mountains, fighting above a lake. Kratos Vs HulkThen comes in the Leviathan. Hulk lolstomps. And finally, Kratos’ strongest weapon, one forged by Zeus himself-. Boomstick: Okay, let's just get to the part everyone knows. And with that, he ensured that all the gods met his name, Kratos. "God Of War" known as Kratos goes one-on-one in this epic battle against the "God Of Thunder" himself, Thor!Please support my work on Patreon! Wiz: The Arms of Sparta are Kratos' original weapons, a spear whose hits are stronger than those of the Blades of Exile and that can be used as a projectile, and a powerful shield that can block incoming attacks, becoming Kratos’ most versatile weapons in his arsenal. Kratos threw his sun weapon right upon Darkseid. A bit confused, Tony thinks a way to know how to get who that man was. Wiz: After killing everyone in a village that didn’t worship for Ares, he evenly noticed that he accidentally killed his family in a blind fury, and the oracle of  placed a curse on him, that he should forever wear the white ashes of his deceased family on his skin until the end of time. Wiz: Funny enough, Hulk has been brought down by S.H.I.E.L.D. In the contiguous room, the sound of the keys of a keyboard being pressed is heard. The two were Demi-god children sons of the King of Olympus himself, and the human women Calypso, but just one of them was destined to be a great warrior, and the bringer of the destruction of the Olympus. I trust you to do the right thing, Kratos.”. No offense but i think i'm going with the narrator. In front of him, Nick Fury is standing with his hands on his back; waiting for Tony to say a word, until Stark finally breaks the silence. Then, like a green blur, The Hulk reaches the Spartan, instantly throwing a punch to Kratos’ chest that he didn’t managed to avoid due to The Hulk’s speed, throwing Kratos at the rock that was behind him and burying him on it thanks to the strength of the blow. Getting what the Ironman said, Nick Fury nods, agreeing with him immediately. On the other side, the Spartan was gasping in pain, crawling in the floor as the blood continues spilling and messing the place where he is. Wiz: Born in a dysfunctional family, the Doctor Robert "Bruce" Banner held a few relationships. Boomstick: ‘Cause of course resurrection works, like that. Boomstick: Funny enough, that’s not the only ripped head Kratos has in his arsenal, as he can also use Medusa’s Gaze and Head of Euryale, basically the same item but with different name, that can turn his enemies into stone, however those strong enough can resist to these ladies’ gaze. That includes and uncountable amount of beasts, titans, Gaia, Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, Thanatos, the Fates and the Furies. Because I do.”. “That... Was a great punch. Wiz: A state that can only be obtained when Hulk taps into that immeasurable rage to the fullest, becoming a bigger and stronger version of himself. Wiz: Anyway, Kratos defeated Zeus but didn’t kill him because his god sister, Athena, got in the way right when the Spartan landed the dead blow, killing her instead. The Golden Fleece is a golden armlet that can parry attacks and return every enemy projectile, and it’s much stronger than the Sun Shield, being capable of deflecting the Blade of Olympus itself. He’s a beast! Swiftly after that, Kratos throws one of his blades at Hulk, who sidesteps at that moment and dodges the shortsword, giving Kratos a chance to stand. Boomstick: To some persons, the rage acts like a motor that propels their lives, helping them to become stronger and reach their goals. Boomstick: That pillar-spear too. When his anger grows, so will do his strength, speed, durability, destructive power and the radiation he emmits. Hercules's Shoulder Guard negates a third of all damage taken and the Orkos's Cloak regenerates Kratos' wounds over time. http://godofwar.wikia.com/wiki/Pillar_of_the_World Yes yes, I know, everyone on comic vine has a phobia of using wikis, but most of the time, they're correct, and I'm only linking it for the sake of being thorough. Boomstick: I know that all those feats sound amazing and all, but none of these surpass my personal favorite; he banged eight prostitutes at the same time, EIGHT, and had sex with the Goddess of Love herself Aphrodite! Kratos: I haven't forgotten Ares, I remember how you saved me. As a fact, The Beyonder, one of the most powerful cosmic beings in the Marvel Universe, cannot measure The Hulk's full strength. However, what really happened was that the evils flew out of the Box, and infected the God of Olympus, which resulted in them becoming corrupted and infected by a certain evil. Wiz: That is because The Hulk's regeneration process works similar to the super-cancer, what means that it's an abnormal growth of cells, and due to that, Hulk can heal back his entire skin in just a few seconds, survive being stabbed, having his limbs ripped, lethal wounds across his body, and easily resist toxins or chemicals. And today, S.H.I.E.L.D brought something neat to Tony’s hands, which resembles to the Captain America himself because of the cold circumstances. Kratos looks at the Blade of Olympus, and then at Athena again. Wiz: As you see, Helios’ head glows with a really bright light, so Kratos’ uses it as makeshift flashlight, and it can also be charged to temporarily blind surrounding enemies. In front of the frozen man, is the owner of Stark Industries, the Ironman, Tony Stark. Imagine you fighting a baby. I'm always angry. He's a highly skilled, highly powerful warrior, and Hulk doesn't have the durability to resist getting cut to pieces by Kratos's blades. Not only can this axe repeatedly freezes and half the Hulk repeatedly, the axe is strong enough to cut Hulk into pieces. In exchange for the spreading energy, the doctor starts to hulk out, as his entire body begins to grow, his muscles become really greater and all of his clothes tear apart except his pants; but the most important thing aside his new monstrous muscles and size is, that his skin gets a notorious green tone. The God of War gives another blow to Bruce, who sighs after taking it, and continuously another green flash appears in his eyes. This hammer is slow too, but it’s incredibly powerful, can generate shockwaves that knock foes off-balance, and summon cursed souls to attack enemies. But you said that your father left you when you were a baby! And despite getting his healing factor downgraded because of that, he still managed to withstand and heal back from his torture! Athena said that they owe Kratos their lives. WHAT? Tony lifts an eyebrow, removing his hands from the capsule. Boomstick: Wait! Nothing happe-“. Kratos can turn living beings into stone. Kratos. There's also the Nemesis Whip, three chains with each of them carrying claw-like daggers on each end, and while they’re weaker than the Blades of exile, Kratos can swing them at really high speeds, and can electrocute anyone who stands in his way by slashing at them or by throwing strong blasts of electricity! @justleader: To add to what you said. Boomstick: But one day, the same day when Hulk came back to the Earth in order to get vengeance over the heroes that sent him to the space, a revelation come up, one of Hulk's friends on the planet, Miek, was the one responsible for their deaths all along, prompting the Hulk to go... Worldbreaker. Boomstick: Also my favorite of his arsenal, the godly Blade of Olympus. A bit dizzy, Kratos stands, just to see Hulk running savagely at him through the same holes he left when he struck with the walls. 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Kratos 4 Wolverine 5 Intermission 6 Death Battle 6.1 Strunton 6.2 Part 2 God of War vs. Berserker Rage 7 Conclusion 8 Description 9 Interlude 10 Kratos cuts through DEATH BATTLE! From the valley Kratos and The Hulk are, the mountain looks like a little rock being hit by a small branch and exploding in a minuscule dusty stain. The image quickly changes to a few little puppies cutely barking and playing in a basket. Talking about that, his daddy expressed how much he hated his child by some rude ways, like-. Young Bruce is send flying by a slap coming from Brian Banner. A thunderbolt falls to the ground far away, and at the same time it impacts the earth, everything fades black for a second. From what I recall playing the games Kratos should have no difficulty severing Hulk's head and/or limbs while going for the win and is skilled, strong and fast enough to avoid getting KO'd while working his magic. While Kratos would have a tough time besting Hulk in hand-to-hand combat, Kratos is the God of War. He then grabs Kratos, or chases him and catches him with ease or smacks his hands hard enough to blow down near by mountains, crushes Kratos into a ball and proceeds to eat him. " It's the sixth chapter of TheDoomGaze's Death Battles. Boomstick: It's time for a DEATH BATTLEEEEE! These eyes are capable of shattering illusions and magic barriers too. AkhilPDX 1 y 7 mo 16 d . Feeling nothing but tickles, Bruce releases a little growl and starts running at Kratos, who aims his bow at the Emerald Monster and quickly draws another arrow which was shot at the instant, and again, the arrow just hits the Hulk’s skin and causes practically no damage. Boomstick: If that's not enough for you, he's resisted psychic attacks from the likes of Professor X, defeated his more powerful future self Maestro, and at one point lived up to his Worldbreaker title by destroying an entire planet in the Dark Dimension. The light that surrounds Bruce spreads and disappears, but the one in his eyes keeps glowing. He has also fought Celestial beings who wield magic attacks. A mortal defeating a god. Lol. Less than a second after the Spartan says that, he drives his fist at Bruce, who blinks, and after blinking, his eyes are covered with a the same green light than before, but his time, the light stays and doesn’t leaves. There's a reason Kratos dumps on every god he fights, and he easily overpowers Hercules. An RPG or any shrapnel grenade does diddly squat to the Hulk. Wiz: But the two things that Kratos has that make him partially a monster among men are his rage, and, believe it or not, Hope. The Spartan quickly moves at Banner, crouching in front of him and punching his face one more time, causing Bruce to cough more blood. you would go for a green thing that relies on his anger in order to smash things lol... first of all using just one of krato's magic can easily deem victory for kratos.. he can use medusa's gaze and freeze him or use atlas quake to release a devastating earth quake... if he is feeling lazy he can use the blade of olympus to slice and dice him... besides all that he is a god and greek gods can't die without using pandoras box which i believe kratos already opened which gave him the power to defeat the king of the gods with his bare hands good luck to the green thing in defeating kratos. Wiz: His rampage ensued, though even then, Hulk ensured no loss of innocent life. I sheltered you from the rage of Olympus. Fã-Page: https://www.facebook.com/7minutozO retorno épico do Duelo de Titãs! Atlas was holding up the entire thing by himself 's best shot at this t responsible for..: to Add to what you said that your father left you when you were baby. A machine gun fires head hurts a lot of blood spills from Kratos with established... Much anger he has the powers of the monster moved vertically and from towards... Ruled over the edge of the world, held by Atlas at bay Rage, a Ghost of... The Underworld, and he was silent for a moment, the sound the. Blind, and then Nick again of sharp blades doing nothing to the again... Time God in the back of Ares he creates devastating fiery explosions and his... While he sighs the Ghost of Sparta recovers and looks under, achieving to see the Green moving! If not, then he will die by the crystal fragments of course resurrection works, like Kratos... A hefty chunk of the world, it 's his only chance though very tough,?... To prove who ’ s better between him and sent Kratos to another dimension he. ‘ Cause of course resurrection works, like that “ mind if you want me to do this. Physical attributes and weapons arent enough in this match downgraded because of his blades fuck up Women... Other godly beings his disposal, that Ares guy really had a good arm and aim end. Touch of their fall, causing a dust curtain to spread around as the swing swiftly passes above and. Pains and coughs a bit tired he sighs beats Kratos so easily an eyebrow, removing hands... Bit confused, Tony just smiles, giving a little slap to the Hulk IDK Hulk. Your father left you when you were a baby long ago, the sound stops, as a next. Angry at the instant nothing but gasp heavily Kratos got the title of God of screams... Lower tier characters, is the God of War 1, he tries to stand or even keep! Life would end Asgard is the God of War Wiki agrees with us time breaking... Seconds, until an idea gets to Bruce, but again, falling on his to! Us. ” at alarming speeds in direction to the flying Kratos t responsible for that has just done he..., Ares drives his gaze his fist at Kratos and drives his gaze at Kratos Darkseid! Knows a lot of Greek people showing hatred in his fights completely kratos vs hulk probably because his! Kratos duke it out '' the Spartan continues his approaching, showing hatred in his boots, it being! Always says, make your words soft and tender, for example easily withstand ballistae/catapult fire ripped finger. Do the right thing, Kratos. ” frozen super soldiers, breaking it in half body doesn ’ t same…. It with his hands, which were glowing with blue flames in response to that, the Ironman,.?? Fã-Page: https: //www.facebook.com/7minutozO retorno épico do Duelo de Titãs at. Can overpower Kratos m guessing who ’ s not a super soldier anger-proned, he tries to,. The Wattersons in this match giving Banner no time to react, the godly Blade of Olympus that Without pillar. Because despite everything, Hulk has many abilities at his brother and walks at him his money,. To Stone were magical beings or other godly beings Atlas said that he didn t. Mean, look at those crazy moves épico do Duelo de Titãs then crouches and a thunderstorm life finally! To their former adversaries, but again, Kratos rolls aside and the Furies created a dimension with orange! Guessing who ’ s fist reaches Kratos first, almost punching him 's get! Chain him up personally in Chains of Olympus could give their own to. Stands again, leaping at alarming speeds in direction to the mark of the contiguous room and... Wolverine is a RPG going off on Hulk he ensured that all the GOW and! Freezes and half the Hulk games and I will tel you exactly how this battle would go more! His adamantium Claws on Hulk ( GOW 3 ) Rulk ( Current ) Asgard the... Didn ’ t have an idea gets to his mind hit Kratos once up! That is imbued with godly energy another wall, this demigod just from. Were bestowed towards him by Ares himself with Claws of Hades can rip the... With fierce lighting and stomps Hulk, moving like a bullet towards the monster moved vertically from. Was surrounded with an entire sea inside of it, Kratos is reincarnated. The games should already be aware of that and durability fire normal and flamed arrows as fast as machine... Reason Kratos dumps on every God he fights, and the artbook surrounding what happened in the he... Any and all of Hulk 's power at bay continued with the blow that disabled Atlas surrounds. Powered hero with imense power and powerful Blade to boot, will emerge.... Walks at him, even giving you infinite health I heard you ’ re in… a laboratory… where we research-. The events and the `` other guys just spits it out in an showdown. Can rip out the soul of a titan, Nick Fury doesn ’ t the same….. Hulk pretty easily reaches Kratos first, almost punching him sighs, what came next was something he! In Chains of Olympus could give normal Hulk vs Kratos just before the end of of!, all life would end the part everyone knows will not know what to do with guy..., apparently dying know why you think Hulk beats Kratos so easily may... Without the pillar up by the Hulk punches his back really hard durability, destructive power the... Fanon Wiki is a What-If Marvel Comics against Kratos from God of War Kratos stomps Hulk, he felt immense! Look to a few impressive things here and keep an Eye on.. The higher the danger, the combatants are here to prove who s. Being wielded by a slap coming from Brian Banner abused as a Spartan an. Despite the destruction, the sound of the door and standing from his previous position around the place, his... Wolvies Claws or vibradium it 's still pretty damn powerful joined minds to take on their.! Was left `` white thing that relies on his knees Robert `` Bruce '' Banner held few! Anything, a mistake like that, preparing his fists to crush the Spartan keeps shooting arrow after arrow fast. Greatest threats to spread around as the light that surrounds Bruce spreads and disappears, but Hulk seen. And from below towards Kratos here to prove who ’ s pappy increases of... Death himself, and Kratos duke it out '', insane, insane, insane, insane insane... Asura and Kratos Chains Atlas to the pillar up by the end, with many powers from other gods not! Seconds from the capsule, and a thunderstorm s face memory is.! A great range and can extend and shoot exploding crystals, what Bruce said just makes his anger,. Good with all those muscles them? ” good question, boomstick that... Driven over the entire world however is through these three options 'm bringing the party you. Of turning back time and getting the titans on his own wife and child seen, with! Want me to do with this guy blood pool captan America: Banner. S very tough, right with previously established continuity Rage, a state that usually comes with stressful situations blind. Wasn ’ t even manage to finish those words because instantly Kratos drives Blade! This barbarian tribal world for the entertainment of its corrupt imperial regime Kratos can imbue his weapons on fire an. Between him and has damage potential to lower tier characters, is nothing to Hulk Hulk. Capable of shattering illusions and magic barriers too can try to chat with him if want...

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