It’s so nice to have a shin pad that combines all of the features you need in one product I love the grip elimante which stops me from slipping as I turn during games. They’re comfortable, safe and hygienic. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to teammates and friends.

Jorge Fernandez / Manchester City FC

I’ve worn the Kontour for awhile now and it`s by far the best protective sportswear I have ever worn. They are really comfortable and I don’t even need tape to keep them in place. I no longer get shin pad rash or smelly pads, the sweat doesn’t get stuck between the pad and my leg, the whole product is washable and you can just wipe the pad clean.

Jordan Curry / Chelsea & England International

I normally have to reach down and adjust shin pads quite a few times during games or training but I haven’t had to touch them once. The Kontour fits really well it`s lightweight comfortable and easy to wash which takes away the horrible smell you get after games 

Michael Dawes / AFC Bournemouth Academy Goal Keeper

After 4 long seasons it was time for me to get a new pair of shin pads, and thought I would try the RAPIID Kontour. I can not recommend these enough, I should have really got a new pair every season
I wasn`t sure what to expect but I`m very impressed I like the fact that it protects more areas than one which benefits me as I am a defender and the fit around the calf is great.

Hayley Wright / Brighton First Team defender

These are great quality, excellent safety gear for football and contact sports players. My teenager purchased the Kontour Leg Protector recently and after many battles on the field she walked away unscathed and became the envy of her teammates.

Megan Foster / Swansea FC First Team

This concept is quite unique. I particularly admire its versatility and lightweight quality material construction. I believe Professional Footballers will benefit from the flexibility and easy application. I also believe its support will reduce friction on the surrounding fascial tissues. This will help prevent shear type compartment syndrome injuries (a condition commonly associated with this particular sport) by balancing distribution load and de-compression of biomechanical forces. My opinion is that this is a valuable support and protective aid and I admire its simplicity of design and concept.

Dr Jonathan Pearce BSc (Hons) / Registered Osteopath